As a National Sorority, Delta Theta Chi supports literacy and breast cancer awareness. Individual
chapters choose how they support these causes and other causes in their communities.

Part of our literacy focus is helping local schools by collecting boxtops for education. There are also
members who tutor students of all ages and read to the younger ones.

Breast Cancer Awareness is dear to our hearts is because we have several cancer survivors among
our membership.  Many chapters participate in various activities that contribute to breast cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness
Delta Theta Chi is proud to
support a nationwide effort to
raise awareness of breast
cancer and its prevention.

Do your part by participating
with any of these walks.
Avon Walk  for Breast Cancer

In It To End It

go to
for more info
City of Hope

Walk for Hope
Susan G Komen


For the Cure
The Breast Cancer Site
Show your support by visiting
this site and clicking to help
fund mammograms.
Visit the Box Tops for
Education web site to find out
how to participate:
Chapter Literacy Form

Individual Literacy Form
Community Benefits
This includes Breast Cancer or Literacy projects, or
other ways chapters help out in the community.
Crystal Flame Award Guidelines
If there are other events you would like to make the sorority aware of, please contact the web mavens.
teacher population. Fundraisers give financial stability,
give students and teachers alike a chance to get creative
result is always rewarding. Accredited Schools Online
created this guide to provide teachers and administrators
with expert tips to raise funds and build relationships. A
few main points of our guide include:

- Funding ideas, strategies, and resources
- Personal stories from successful educators
- Different types of fundraising- major tips and pointers on
how to make it successful for each style

Visit them here:
Accredited Schools Online - Fundraising