National Scholarship Committee
2019-2021 Committee Members
Connie Cripe, Chairman
National Trustee, Celaeno Province
Beth Fleet, (CA Eta)
Alcyone Province Representative
Judy Nies, (IN Kappa)
Celaeno Province Representative
Kay Foster, (KS Alpha)
Electra Province Representative
Termia Brown, (MD Alpha)
Sterope Province Representative
Billie R Shields, (OK Delta)
Taygeta Province Representative

Procedure No. 11 -June 2020
Applications for three scholarships, in the amount of $1,600 each, for students are being accepted by DELTA THETA
, a national non-collegiate educational sorority.

Requirements call for all for the applicant to reside in the United States, a high scholastic average, evidence of
financial need, currently enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college, and an application form, with
attachments as specified by the National Executive Council. These scholarships are awarded annually to students
of promise and distinction.

All applications must be completed and returned by
February 1, 2021 in order for the winning applicants to be
notified by
May 2021. Please contact the person whose name appears above to obtain an application. All
applications must be submitted through a chapter of Delta Theta Chi Sorority.

Click any hyperlink above to send an email to one of the representatives. Please check your Delta Theta Chi roster
for personal address and telephone information for the individuals listed.

Potential Applicants:
To find out more about how to apply for one of our Scholarships, please determine which Province you live in
(using the map above) and contact the Committee Representative listed. If there is no email address available,
please contact the Chairman.

All applications must be submitted through a local Delta Theta Chi Chapter. If you do not know a chapter in your
area, please reference the map and committee member list above.