National Literacy/Community Benefits Committee
2019-2021 Committee Members
Sharon Osterberger, Chairman
National Trustee, Celaeno Province
Cathy Tutrow, CA Omicron
Alcyone Province Representative
Anna Gillam, IN Sigma
Celaeno Province Representative
Cyndy Hunt, KS Alpha
Electra Province Representative
Edith Breidenthal, OH Mu
Sterope Province Representative
Connie Crow, TX Zeta
Taygeta Province Representative
Literacy Contest

A traveling trophy will be awarded at the next National Convention to the province with
the greatest numbers in the following categories.

  • For information on brand labels to save check out this website:

    Not all schools are interested in receiving these labels and box tops because
    they don't have the personnel to organize and submit them to the company, so
    be sure and check first with the school.

  • Volunteer time in schools, library, or other facilities with literacy activities.

  • Donate money and supplies to literacy projects.

  • Tutor children and adults.

  • Help with fund raising for literacy projects and activities.

  • Plan educational programs in your chapters, emphasizing literacy.

The National Literacy Committee has thought of many ways for chapters to promote
Literacy. If you have questions, please contact your province representative. Here
are their suggestions:
  • Save labels and box tops for education.
  • Participate in "Reads Programs" in your schools, and day care facilities.
  • Stress members read to their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or any
    other children with whom they spend time.
  • "Read a Book and Pass it on" Make a contest of it, award points for each book
    read by chapter members, and total for Province numbers.
  • Borrow books from your local library, and since some members may have a
    problem with poor sight, remember talking books are wonderful.
  • Include information about local (state or city) authors who have become famous
    and are listed in the National Educational outline.
  • Form alliances with Head Start programs in your city, and with your library
    where you could volunteer to read to children, and adults.
  • Volunteer to read at day care, for children and adults.
  • Help with designing and implementing a lending library for Head Start programs.
  • Chapters can organize local book clubs through the local library.
  • Use chapter funds to sponsor reading and writing classes for adults in your
  • Host an annual reading fair in your community.
  • Tutor and/or mentor children in their homes or schools.
Community Benefits - Crystal Flame Award


The purpose of the Crystal Flame Award was created
to honor those chapters who give over and above to
their community.

It was determined that the award not be competitive in

Quarterly flyers will be distributed to all chapters, each
member of National Community Benefits Committee
and the National Executive Council.

The NEC will present the award at the National
Convention after nominations are submitted by any of
the following:

    Chapters, Provinces, NEC, Individuals, and
    Community Organizations They Serve

Submit written nominations by May 1 of the year of
National Convention to your National Community
Benefits Committee Member or the chair of that
committee (listed above). The nomination should
include the chapter name, province name and detail
on what the chapter has done that is over and above
the call to their community.

Nominations will be submitted to the NEC for
presentation of the award.
Chapter Literacy Form

Individual Literacy Form