Electra Province
2016-2017 Chapter Officers
Corinne Anderson
Cindy Whiteley
Educational Director
Ann Bell
Recording Secretary
Gail Allen
Corresponding Secretary
Debby Gunselman
Candace Moore
Debby Gunselman
Kansas Kappa Chapter
Founder’s day (September 2014:
3 Generations of Family in the Kansas Kappas and one more in a few more years!
L-R Debby Gunselman, Maria Gunselman with Daughter Addison, and Cindy Whiteley.
Candace Moore and her Daughter, Caelyn help man the registration table for our Founder’s day.
KS Kappa’s and their daughters after the Daughter Pinning Ceremony.  We were very lucky to be able to present our DTC daughters with a DTC pin.  Can’t wait to see them be a member!
L-R Maria Gunselman and Daughter Addison and Candace Moore with Daughter Caelyn.

Halloween Party (October 2014):
Candace Moore divaing out as a Disco Clown
Corrine Anderson is enjoying her first Halloween as a retiree.  She definitely had the best costume of the Night!
Gail Allen is rocking out as a Viking which is just a part of her ancestry!  She is 25% Danish… watch out for her horns!
Kappa’s know how to dress up for Halloween!
Kansas Kappa News
The Kansas Kappas
have enjoyed the local
theater community by
going to see
"Basement Church
Ladies" put on by the
Lawrence theater
group. We made
valentines in
February, celebrated
birthdays and
un-birthdays in April,
and starting to work
on our entries for
April 2017
Gail gave the Kappas a challenge as she stepped down from being chapter
president. The Challenge was to each find a book that followed the National
Outline Theme of  "Notable Women of the 21st Century”.  
All of us have read our books, we are now presenting them:    
Debby read "Becoming Maria" - The story of Sonia Manzano
Candace read " Bossypants"  - The Story of Tina Fey
Gail read " Louisa" - The story of First Lady Louisa Adams.