Alcyone Province
Constitution and Bylaws
Chapter Name
    California Epsilon
San Luis Obispo
    California Zeta
Canyon Lake
    California Eta
San Gabriel Valley
    California Theta
Sun Valley
    California Omicron
San Diego
San Fernando Valley / Sunnyvale
    California Sigma
    Washington Alpha
Cheryl Zarins
Washington Alpha
Vice President
Anne Bishop
California Alpha
Educational Director
Kristine Dundas-Rankin
Washington Alpha
Recording Secretary
Melody James
California Eta
Corresponding Secretary
Kathleen Hull
California Omicron
Pam Ricci
California Omicron
Bobbi Meyer
California Sigma
    Appointed Officers:
Linda Colton
California Eta
Joyce Miller
California Iota
Shelley Nelson
Washington Alpha
Doreen Brown
Washington Alpha
Scholarship Committee Chair
Julie D'Onofrio
California Zeta
Web Site Liaison
Linda Colton
California Eta
Province Song Leader
Val Schempp
California Eta
Alcyone News
History of Awards
History Books, Yearbooks and Achievement Contest

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2016-2017 Province Officers
2016-2017 Alcyone Province Officers
Alcyone Province Board Officers
President - Cheryl Zarins, Vice President - Anne Bishop, Educational
Director - Kristine Dundas-Rankin, Recording Secretary - Melody
James, Corresponding Secretary - Kathleen Hull, Treasurer - Shelley
Nelsen (standing in for Pam Ricci), Sargent-at-Arms - Bobbi Meyer
2014 Alcyone Spring Board
"Live, Laugh, Love and Grow in Sisterhood
"Hearts for Hope"
April 6, 2014
Guest speaker Vanessa Surprise from TACA - "Talk About Curing Autism"
Scholarship winner Amber Meek -
granddaughter of Linda Deaver of CA Theta
Anne Bishop, CA Alpha,
receiving the Past Province Presidents' award
Eileen Parnell (former CA Nu) being honored
for 50 years of Sisterhood
Alcyone Board and NEC attending our Spring Open Board Meeting:
Back row L to R:  Debbie Doubledee -VP; Kris Dundas-Rankin - Pres. WA Alpha (host);Anne Bishop, CA Alpha (host);
Beth Fleet - RecSec; Cheryl Zarins - EdDir; Kathy Warden - Pres; Jaynel Moore - Parl; Kathleen Hull - CorSec;
Front row L to R: Christine Durbin - NEST; Joyce Miller - Alcyone Trustee; Jane Harrell - Taygeta Trustee; Becky Kueffer - Nat'l VP; Karen Kammer - Nat'l Pres.
Val Schempp receiving
her 50 year award
2017 Alcyone Province Convention
"San Diego’s Saints & Sinners"
October 20-22, 2017
Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel
4041 Harney Street
San Diego, CA 92110

Hosted by California Omicron Chapter

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