National Pleiad Committee
2015-2017 Committee Members
Janelle Clark, Chairman
National Trustee, Electra Province
Ruth Enyeart, CA Omicron
Alcyone Province Representative
Connie Schwering, IN Kappaa
Celaeno Province Representative
Mary Kreager, NE Zeta
Electra Province Representative
Helen Belcher, OH Mu
Sterope Province Representative
Jan Coles, TX Zeta
Taygeta Province Representative
The Pleiad is a newsletter published twice a year with events and
happenings from various chapters in sorority.

To contribute articles or information to the National Pleiad, please
contact the National Pleiad Committee member from your province.

Please visit the
Pleiad page to read the latest publications and to
read some of the Province Pleiads/Newletters.