National Convention Photos
32nd National Convention
June 26-28, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
Electra Province
Special Guest, KC Royals Mascot, Sluggerrr, with
President Karen Kammer, Celaeno Trustee Susan Yoder,
Taygeta Trustee Jane Harrell, Vice President Becky
Kueffer, Electra Trustee Teresa Carter, Alcyone Trustee
Joyce Miller, Incoming Electra Trustee Janelle Clark, and
Incoming National Executive Secretary Treasurer Cindi
2015 Crystal Flame Award Winners
Nebraska Zeta Chapter were the
winners because of the work that they
have done with the Ollie Webb's Next
Chapter Book Club.  ---->
Jane 1 (Jane Loveless) and
Jane 2 (Jane Harrell)
After NEC Meeting on Thursday evening.
Thursday's Money
Museum Tour at the
Kansas City branch
of the FDIC. ---->
Waiting for the Market
Place to start.
Only one of MANY
items for sale today!
ALL THAT JAZZ - Saturday Night Banquet